About Us


Through innovation, creative marketing and strong partnerships our company has become one of Aruba’s largest distributors. In 1980, Francisco A. Saladin emigrated from the Dominican Republic to Aruba with his parents. Having learned the importance of hard work and dedication, he began his sales experience with fruits and vegetables from a small storage facility at the back of his house with the use of a chilled container.

Our team, of over 100 employees, is diligent in their daily activities to ensure that we provide the best service to support our portfolio. Our fleet makes daily deliveries to over 1,000 customers across Aruba from a wide portfolio of dry, chilled and frozen products. Together we work towards our vision of
“Achieving sustainable growth by leading the industry in Aruba through innovation, customer service and employee empowerment”

Over the years, this small entity has developed into a dependable, successful enterprise and Francisco Saladin has established himself as a reputable Aruban businessman. In 2002, Frasa took over the business operations of Consales, a well known local distribution company. This acquisition repositioned the entity, allowing us to successfully develop the company, despite economic changes and a struggling global economy.

By 2010, with the leadership of Francis Saladin Jnr, a strategic decision allowed for both companies to merge, creating what is now Frasa International Trading N.V. Allowing us an opportunity for stronger growth with a leaner portfolio of international brands.